Me&My waterbaby

Karim is about 12H old! We say hello to the Sun!

Like every mother in the world I wanted to give to my baby the best I could. But for me it did not mean redecorating the sleeping room, inundating the house with different baby stuff – like carriages, bed, etc. I wanted to welcome my son in this world as smooth as possible, to assure him an excellent health, to help him  remain free and wise – just as he has come into this world. And without self-praise I can say – I did a good job. It was difficult, it required a lot of time and effort – but it was worthy, it made me feel truly Mother, it established a  great connection and relation between me and my son. We were a team, before he was born, and we still are.

here went the placenta…under the olive tree

The natural birth itself is not enough to have a healthy, talented baby. There has to be done some work before and after birth. All I did was new for me,  every step I was taking was criticized by the people around me, often by my husband too. But the instinct in me and my son were telling me: “go on, don’t listen”. And I didn’t. I spent the pregnancy without doctors, without ultrasounds, vitamins,etc. Karim was born at home, in water, like a king, surrounded by his family only.  We cut his umbilical cord after about 30 min. We did not poison him with vaccination, but instead we are practising cold water bathes every day since he was born.

enjoying the snow

free from diapers and other clothes

Karim rarely uses the hat, even if it snows, he dresses light even on cold weather. He is almos 2 years old, and he saw doctor just one time, when we had to give blood analyse in order to make passport. His tooth grew without any discomfort for him or us.  He is not eating meat, eggs or any diary products and he has amazing physical capacities. I will keep working to have as good result further on. And now get prepared dear moms : Karim did not use diapers!  From the second day after he was born he was ASKING me to take him to the toilet! Can you imagine this? I would never believe if I would not live this experience myself! It Is possible, and it is worth tryingJ.Another important thing in Karims development played- Dynamic Gymnastic! Here I would like to tell you more about it.

Dynamic gymnastics is a relatively new method of early physical development of children.  It did not appear in hospitals or some research centers, but in  conscious parents clubs, over 20 years ago. To club classes were invited  different famous pediatricians, among them was Ilya Arshavsky (the real inventor of the Apgar score chart). He showed some unusual exercises that meant to help improve mental and emotional development of the child up to one year. Later these exercises resulted into a complex called – dynamic gymnastic (you can watch our VIDEO below).

        During the birth, even a smooth one, the child gets birth trauma. Dynamic gymnastic helps the baby to adapt easily to the new environment. In contrast to the usual gymnastic, dyn.gym. involves vestibular apparatus of the child up to a year. The exercises are smooth but with a large amplitude, in this way the baby is “initiated” in a large 3-dimensional space – the space that frightened him at birth. Due to dyn.gym this unnecessary stress is removed. The baby becomes more relaxed, sleeps tight, less naughty.

Dynamic gymnastics includes elements of acupressure and spine, and baby yoga. It is not meant to make from our children supermen. It is a love – body contact between  mother and child.

It is a dance of trust, tenderness and love. Through the body, we are working with the psychology, emotions and  intellect of

he invented the positions alone

Karim is 7months old. he can hang like this about 5sec

the newborn.  In addition, developing muscular-skeletal system, coordination of the baby, his vestibular system, we increase the ability of his body  to respond adequately in traumatic situations.
Exercise stimulates the metabolism and function of internal organs and even allow you to adjust a number of abnormalities in the development of children, such as hypertonicity or hypotonus, asymmetry, clubfoot, torticollis, stimulates peristalsis, helps with constipation, flatulence. Performing the exercise, the child experiences a lot of different feelings. Such sensory load perfectly strengthens and stimulates the nervous system of infants.
His ligaments become more flexible and strong, stronger muscles. Such a child is less likely to earn a sprain or dislocation.
These children are more sociable and outgoing than their peers.Moreover, the comprehensive strengthening of the body naturally stimulates the immune system, and so the children rarely get sick. The child grows more energetic and active. He has great coordination, fast response, good appetite and sound sleep. What else could a mother dream about ?! JThe sooner you start the better it is. I started doing gymnastic with Karim the next morning after his birth. You can do it anytime, when the baby is not sleeping and not eating, until the age when the baby

Karim is 1 year 7months old. he can hang like this over 1 min.

starts to crawl, making complicate movements – and the need for dyn.gym reduces.  I did the dyn. gym with Karim twice a  day – in the morning and in the evening, until he was about 1 year and few months. He was already walking, but was asking me everyday for the gymnastic.
Active movement increases blood circulation in the body and, therefore, strengthen the cardiovascular and immune system. The body adapts to stress, and therefore, to stresses of environmental change.
It is well known how much the way we are born influences our entire life. So, dynamic gym. is strongly recommended to babies that did not benefit from natural birth, but  were born by caesarean section.Karim is not an exception, he is not a child from another platen. I wish all the children are like Karim and better.

I hope my experience will inspire you to get a  true-mother-attitude toward your coming children. Your child, in your community will inspire another women. Because at a certain age your child will need  around him children like him, otherwise  all your effort will be lost in short time.


If you have a dream for a year – plant wheat.                                                                   If you have a dream for 10 years – plant a tree.                                                                If you have a dream for a lifetime – plant human.                                                           So, let us choose planting humans and change the world for better.

Before watching the video please remember: DONT TRY DOING THIS WITHOUT PREVIOUS TRAININGS!!!  


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