Congratulations – you are pregnant! What now? …

Dear Moms and Dads!

Join us for our talks on Conception of a baby, on Pregnancy, on Birth and on First year of your baby’s life.

These are 4 separate sessions – you can choose and join us for whichever topic interests you most….Still, I suggest you come for all 4 sessions – even if you already have a baby – because all the things we speak about are so much interconnected, and if you listen to separate talks some things could be hard to understand for you.

NEXT TALK on PREGNANCY  is on  MARCH 7  at  6.00 PM (read below)

The workshop’s COST  is by appreciation: it means you can pay whatever you want IF you want.

These are the brief notes on every talk:

Saturday March 2nd – “Preparing for conception” 4-6PM Soul Spa, Verdun

being blessed
being blessed

Planning having a baby?  Then start with the beginning …. some time before conceiving.  Future parents –  find out how to prepare for the conceiving – your  bodies  and souls. Is your genetic code pure? If not – how to clean it and why it is so important.  Natural ways of improving your health for this unique event. Why more and more women cannot get pregnant naturally today – physical and spiritual aspects of infertility. How we can increase the chances of having a girl or boy.  Find out how the personality of your future baby is born long  before the conceiving moment – who chooses who – we choose the baby or the baby chooses us! Where, When and How the baby should be conceived… and many more facts and advices  which will guide you through this important moments. Would you start building your home without a previous architectural plan? Ofcourse not – it would be a mess! Then why we are so irresponsable regarding  our future children?

 “Pregnancy” –  7th March 6.00 PM

 DSC06756 Congratulations! You are pregnant – so…what now? How to spend it – going every month to meet the doctor and feel yourself a  helpless patient or instead …. waking up the woman inside you and enjoying this divine state together with your family.  What to eat for 9 months? – on this depends how easy will your delivery be and how healthy your baby will be and as a result – how many sleepless night you will have after the birth. Work well now –and there will be no sleepless nights!  9 months enough time to prepare your body for natural birth and not a Caesarean section. How mother’s and father’s behaviour influences  baby’s personality. How to preserve your body during pregnancy, and for a quick recovery after delivery –  stretches  have nothing to do with genetics – it is up to us to have them or not! Pregnancy – the time to start your baby’s education.  9 months – no time to loose at all! Learn how you can use every single day for the sake of your baby!

“Birth” –  date, place to be confirmed

home birth atmosphere
home birth atmosphere

Birth! The moment has come – don’t waste it. Birth is a short moment, but it influences the whole life of the born person – so have an appropriate attitude! When,  Where, How  to deliver – home or hospital? Maybe in water? Naturally or C-section – what are the important aspects of each? Pain?! – in natural delivery no place for pain…trust me! Important things to do in the first 30 minutes after the birth! Remember – a 5 y.o. baby and a 70 y.o man are looking at life with the eyes of the newborn they were once – so offer your baby a birth worth of kings!

 “Baby’s first year” –  date, place to be confirmed

Dynamic gymnastic - flying baby

Dynamic gymnastic – flying baby

The baby is born! – but no time to relax! Now the real work starts – use every day of his first 4 months, and after keep on working hard until at least age of 3. On this meeting we will speak about the essential things that have to be done in first hours in order to assure your baby a good physical, emotional development. We will speak about: Placenta – don’t underestimate its lifetime value for your baby,  breastfeeding – its amazing effects and benefits; dynamic gymnastic – movement you baby needs from the first day; baby swimming;  vaccination – evil or blessing. How to make so that your baby never gets sick….it’s possible! Diaper-free childhood – how to  teach your baby going to toilet from the first days of his life…and much more! for more info contact me at or 71155214.


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