Our Workshops!

    karim site  When a baby is born – the whole Universe changes it’s structure.
Look around – what kind of children are born today – mentally, physically and spiritually – sick and weak?  HOW are they born – in pain, fear, scream, loneliness, disrespect, ignorance– in total disharmony with nature! And there is no one else to blame except the Mother and Father.  Doctors, governments, traditions – have nothing to do with birth –   these are OUR children – and we are the only one responsible.
Natural Birth Classes are meant for conscious parents who want to have a genuine baby – healthy, beautiful, clever. I invite you to learn how to deliver in joy and happiness, with no pain and stress. During 4 sessions we will speak about the most important period in one baby’s life – short before conception, pregnancy, birth, first year of life!

The classes will reveal you things that go totally opposite to what we are told today by doctors, our parents, our grandmothers and neighbors ☺ .
We will speak detailed about:
• What is necessary for a successful conception. How to raise the chances of having a boy or a girl.  How the conception process  influences a child’s future life.
• What to eat during pregnancy? A totally different approach – that your doctor will never approve, but which will assure you a most pleasant 9 month, without any morning sicknesses, as well as an easy birth and a healthy baby – who will never get sick, (or extremely rarely), no sleepless nights because of baby’s tooth or something else, it will be a divine baby instead of an aggressive creature. Correct diet will save you from stretches, perineum problems, etc.
• Physical activity during 9 months – will help you have a stronger baby, will ease your delivery process, and will get you back to your initial body shape in shortest time.
• Birth – when and where? Who should choose the moment of birth? Where is better to deliver – hospital or home? How is better to deliver – water, Cesarean section, anesthesia, birth stimulation  – the life-time consequences of each approach –  help your baby be healthy and intelligent.
• Who should be and who shouldn’t with the mother at birth. Underestimated role of the father.
• Placenta – a baby’s best friend for a life time – things to know and to DO!
• Miracle that breastfeeding brings along
• Education before Vaccination
• Diapers- your baby DOESN’T need them….from the very first day! How diapers destroy your baby’s nervous system and not only!
• Baby’s necessities in the first months- active movement, dynamic gymnastic, cold water benefits, swimming, etc.
…….and much more

Lets look at the birth with baby’s eyes and discover the happiness of being Mother and Father.


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