Learn to deliver naturally!

Every woman feels in her own way, when hearing the word BIRTH!  Some get nervous, some prefer to change the subject, some women it doesn’t touch in any way, and very rare this word is associated with sweet and pleasant memories and a growing desire to repeat.

The fear of the upcoming birth always bothered moms. Mostly it is promoted by medicine that birth without pain is not possible. For painless childbirth matters not only physical state of the body, but also the right psychological and emotional state of pregnant women.

 Birth is a natural physiological process that does not have to be painful!

If someone thinks that having a baby must be accompanied by pain and suffering, then I dare to remind him of the following:

1) none of the animals give birth in suffering and pain, except pathological cases or such as  captivity (domestic);

2) there are cultures and  nations, cynically considered by us underdeveloped , where a woman is expecting the birth of her child  with joy, with anticipation of a significant event, it is difficult to detect at birth any signs of pain, except, again, pathological cases;

3) there isn’t any single physiological process in the body accompanied by pain, except for complications of disease, fear and tension;

4) Experience shows that when a woman is prepared so that there is no  fear and tension during delivery, there is also no pain and suffering, except in a small degree;

5)  if no pathological changes, the level of pain is directly related to the level of fear and tension.

Childbirth is the highest destination of a woman. Awareness and experiencing beauty, the uniqueness of this event  is  the highest award not only for the mother but also for the whole family.

The birth of a child is a short but most important episode of the whole human life from conception to death. None of us can escape the effects of the intrauterine period of his life, the consequences of the way in which we were born and spent the first months of life. The environment in which we spend our first 21 months – from conception to 12 months of independent existence – have a huge impact on our entire future life.

The first year of life is not just special. This is the most important year in the life of every person. During the first year we get as much information as we do not for the rest of his life, and the assimilation of this information in the first year, ten times more effective than later. During this time the body passes through a lot of changes , which are so significant that they can be called mutations.

Delayed development in the first days of life may be compensated by intensive development during the first year. If you lose the first month, prepare to seven years of titanic efforts to cancel this gap. If you lost first  three months of development, everything is lost. You can disagree or you can believe but at least try to ensure that your child gets conditions for normal development.

I am against the “pollution” of human minds with false fears, and  bodies with drugs.

So I decided to organize antenatal preparation classes where expectant mothers in small groups will prepare for a natural childbirth.

In these classes we  discuss how environmental conditions affect the emotional, mental and psychological development of the fetus. I am happy to share with you my experience and knowledge that will help you avoid a lot of mistakes and create a space of love for the birth of your baby, the space where he is immensely welcomed, loved and  expected, a space to where his arrival will be incomparably easier and safer. You will learn how to ensure a strong health of your baby for a long term, how to help your child keep all the potential and wisdom that he was born with. You will discover that childhood without diapers is possible!!! (I myself would hardly believe this, if I did not try it with my child).  You will learn about the benefits of waterbirth and much more useful things!

Also, I address this classes to young mothers and fathers who do not want to support the pharmacy industry, live in constant fear for the health of the child and with bated breath waiting for the announcement of the diagnosis-sentence. For those who want to assume the responsibility for the life, health and mental well-being of their child.

More and more women around the world realize that natural childbirth  is the most delightful and gracious way of  giving birth to a child. Enjoy  the true happiness of motherhood.The birth of your baby is not the time to experiment.                                                                                                            So learn, think, decide!

4 SESSION WORKSHOP.: 12 feb, 15 feb, 19 feb and 21 feb. time : 17:30 – 20.00 Place: Verdun, Iwan Maktabi bldg, 6th floor SOUL SPA

. For details:  waterbabylebanon@yahoo.com 


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